The Conversation Must Continue

The Good Shepherd Shelter would like to see the National Football League (NFL) take more action- both on the field and in the national conversation. The NFL needs to foster an environment within their organization that supports domestic violence survivors and their children. The NFL needs to initiate a program that provides resources, support and services to its community, players and league personnel. Early intervention and prevention classes for all the players would create an environment that does not tolerate violence against women. Beyond their organization, the NFL should make an effort to raise public awareness and create funds to provide prevention programs and intervention resources for survivors and their families across the nation.

The conversation must continue beyond Ray Rice and the NFL’s decision to suspend him indefinitely from the Baltimore Ravens. Domestic violence can impact anyone- regardless of their race, economic status, or culture. It is imperative that the voices of survivors and their families be heard. Violence against women should not be accepted or tolerated. We as a community of advocates and allies of survivors must encourage a change in perspectives and values locally and nationally. This is an ongoing pursuit to prevent domestic violence in our nation’s homes and bring forth resources and leadership in our communities. Solidarity with the women and families affected by domestic violence must perpetuate change, hope and love.