Good Shepherd Shelter Hero: Chantal Barlow

Chantal Barlow shares the story of her grandmother, Mableine Nelson Barlow and her murder at the hand of her ex-husband of two days. Barlow's grandfather lived a full life and was very involved with her family. He documented everything through photographs but there was no "trail of existence" for Barlow's grandmother. That is when she decide to do something in honor of her grandmother.

Barlow is a fine artist who took her tragic family history and passion for art to create an empowering project called the Unconventional Apology Project. Barlow created this portrait and interview series to bring light to the silenced voices of domestic violence survivors. 

Good Shepherd Shelter has had the opportunity to get to know Barlow. She shared her story at the first annual Summit on Domestic Violence and shared her portraits to the audience. Her dedication to creating a voice for survivors is inspiring and vital to the continuation of the conversation about domestic violence. Barlow is a Good Shepherd Shelter Hero because of her commitment to "capture the humanity of abused women". 

For more information about the Unconventional Apology Project, visit the website