Superbowl Play by Play - Messages that Keep the Conversation Going

Last night's Super Bowl game was one for the books - not only for the incredible game but also for the messages that the commercials were illustrating. The commercials were more than laughs but rather sending messages to the audience about how to make positive change. From body wash to insurance to cars, companies were not only selling products and services. With millions of audience members, advertisers were able to send positive and inspiring messages. Although only the No More public service announcement (PSA) directly addressed domestic violence, other commercials provided messages that would benefit our society to be violence-free. 

Dove Men Care addressed the importance of caring for men as well as young boys. It does not make them weaker to be sensitive and to take care of themselves. Real strength does not come from violence and destructive behavior. Care makes a man stronger. #RealStrength

Nationwide Insurance believes that protecting our children is most important. The number one cause of childhood deaths are preventable accidents. Domestic violence is also preventable. We can make safe happen by fostering peaceful homes. #MakeSafeHappen

My Bold Dad, a Toyota commercial, discussed how being a dad is more than being a father. They should be willing to get hurt rather than hurt. A dad should be bold and lead by example. It is a choice and commitment to raise a child to know right from wrong so that they can make their own choices. Respect can also be taught just as violence is. We can break the cycle with more bold dads. #OneBoldChoice

Of course, thanks to the Joyful Heart Foundation, the domestic violence PSA gave a glimpse of what domestic violence can look like while the audience heard a chilling 911 emergency call. There is no doubt that it made everyone take a moment to reflect before seeing the half time show. #NoMore

With these companies taking the opportunity to send such powerful messages during one of the biggest nights on television in America, it is evident that the conversation is continuing at home.