Coming Full Circle - Survivor Back to Volunteer

In November, Jeanette applied to be a volunteer at Good Shepherd Shelter. Little did we know that she is very familiar with our program and services. In 1986, her family came to Good Shepherd Shelter when her mother left her abusive father. She has very fond memories of her time with the Sisters. Jeanette learned how to swim and moved up to the 1st grade while she was with the sisters. She shared that her best Christmas was with the Sisters. "It was the only place I saw so many presents", Jeanette said.

She felt useful and wanted while at the shelter as well. She helped her mother communicate with the Sisters because her mother could not speak English very well. When volunteers would come and visit, she says "it was cool to have somebody's attention or a friend for a day". She never wanted to leave.

Jeanette always had her family's well-being in mind so she decided to join the military to benefit from the educational opportunities provided. Later she got a bachelors degree in information systems. She truly has come full circle and proves that with perseverance, support and faith, anything can be achieved. 

Supporting our after care families is a very important part of our program. We provide clothing, furniture, legal assistance, and support that our families need even after they complete our program. We continuously hear the stories of the children who have gone off to college on scholarships or have worked to advocate for survivors. However, our staff changes so much that many times we do not have relationships or faces to connect these triumphant stories to. Learning about Jeanette's story and having her back as she is says, "is like walking back in time".

As Good Shepherd Shelter begins to expand, our volunteers' talents, expertise and dedication to our mission are becoming more vital and instrumental to our growth. We are so grateful that Jeanette has offered her time to helping our administration improve our database and more. We are so happy to have you back, Jeanette.