Families Complete the Program

This month has been a significant time for Good Shepherd Shelter and the families. Two families have moved out after spending about a year in the program. Mothers attended classes, workshops and group sessions in the Adult Learning Center while their young children went to school right next door. This is a big transition for the families to leave the place they have called home for the past year. 

For the staff at Good Shepherd Shelter, this can be a sad time seeing the families leave but it is also a joyous time. We have watched our families transform and work through their trauma to achieve their goals. Our proudest moments are when our families feel safe and ready to move on. It’s what makes all of us here continue working with the families, to watch them grow and heal. 

A recent family shared with us their gratitude. “We leave with a memory in our heart from myself and my three daughters - we want to thank you for all the gifts you gave us for the year that we were with you. I am very grateful to you. I have no words to express how special Good Shepherd Shelter is to me. I pray that you receive many blessings in your lives always and forever. We love you.”

We’re so happy to see our families flourish! We are looking forward for other families to make this huge step toward their success and future. There are quite a few that are in the final stages of the program and it is exciting to support them along the way. 

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