A Call to Men

In this video Tony Porter calls out the societal pressures and influences on how boys and men are supposed to act and it effects on the view of women. Tony Porter is an author, educator and activist working to prevent violence against women. He also provides trainings on healthy manhood and violence prevention for the National Football League, National Basketball Association, National Hockey League and Major League Baseball. 


It is no secret that we live in a culture that holds certain expectations and roles for men and women to hold. This is made evident to girls and boys at a young age. Sayings like, “act like a man” or “you play like a girl,” enforce to idea that being a girl is inferior and should be avoided. In order prevent and end the cycle of domestic abuse, we must address the socialization of our boys and girls and how our culture defines manhood. This video successfully acknowledges the expectations of “being a man” that many young boys are faced with. It is rated “Top 10 TED Talks for Every Man Should See.”    

The transcript: 



**This video is not recommended for young children due to explicit descriptions of violence