Our Mission

Good Shepherd Shelter’s mission is to stop the generational cycle of domestic violence by providing individualized, comprehensive services and shelter to battered women and children and by raising the level of community awareness through advocacy and education.

Our Vision

Good Shepherd Shelter envisions a world where all women and children are freed from the cycle of domestic violence and have an opportunity to live their lives fully, sustained by the sense of their dignity, independence and potential to contribute to the lives of others.

Our Goals

  • To help each mother and child to heal from the trauma of abuse and violence

  • To help the mother to become independent financially and emotionally so she never has to subject her children to violence again

  • To teach the children interpersonal skills that are respectful and violence-free and show them that they have choices and do not have to perpetuate the generational cycle of violence in their lives

  • To bring the children up to grade level and beyond, as well as “permission to dream” of further education, a fulfilling career and the potential to contribute to the lives of others