Trauma-Informed & Survivor-Driven

Our services make up our long-term program. Each part helps make our families whole. 


Each family at the Good Shepherd Shelter resides in one of our fourteen individual apartment units. All units are fully furnished and families have the option of residing there for up to one year.



Case managers work with survivors to create an action play for their shelter stay. Case managers provide linkages and referrals to outside social, legal, medical and financial services.



Mothers attend classes in family health and nutrition, parenting, first aid, self-defense, yoga and stress management. We also provide money management, computer training and job acquisition skills.  Some mothers receive tutoring to meet a special need or goal, such as obtaining a GED. With the support of our staff, the mothers can establish their own goals for their families and create an atmosphere of security and growth.



The Good Shepherd Learning Academy is an on-site elementary school focused on blended learning. Through blended learning, the teachers are able to meet the special needs of each child, and provides transferable credits for K-5. The children are able to learn in smaller groups and at their own pace. Because of the trauma most children have experienced, many are below grade level and often have emotional, behavioral and learning difficulties. Through individualized attention and trauma informed activities that address their needs, the children can rebuild their self-esteem and have a positive school experience. 



Our therapeutic program for families includes individual and group therapy that seeks to repair the emotional and psychological damage caused by domestic violence.  A safe environment is created in which each child and mother is able to freely express his or her feelings, learn healthy coping skills and develop communication strategies to process and rebuild new lives free from violence.  



Through the generosity of individual attorneys and firms, pro bono legal assistance is provided on site to ensure the safety and legal rights of the mothers and children.  If necessary, staff will assist and accompany the mothers to court.



When families are ready to relocate to the larger community, they are encouraged to establish a support system in their new location.  No matter where a Good Shepherd Shelter family may live, the staff are always ready to offer assistance in any way possible to help families make a successful transition. We offer community building events, hosting holidays at the shelter for current and former clients and offer current and former clients donations to support their family.