I Pledge To Complete The Revolution

Time’s Up, #metoo and the farmworkers campaign are nothing short of revolutionary. They have laid low the powerful by giving voice to the vulnerable.

These movements recognize silence is the cancer of complicity. Domestic violence too thrives on silence, on the isolation the victim feels, on the fear of repercussions that may follow speaking out.

The sexual harassment these movements fight against is merely the symptom of the disease it shares with domestic abuse: the perpetrator’s need to find validation by oppressing someone else.

The revolution is not complete until we shred the cloak of invisibility shrouding domestic violence and abuse as we have exposed workplace harassment. As Emma Lazarus wrote in 1882, “Until we are all free, we are none of us free.”

I pledge to use my voice to add domestic violence to the fight and the conversation against victimization wherever it happens.  I will speak about it, post about it, re-Tweet about it. I will use all tools available to ensure that someday we will all be free.




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