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Audrey (her name has been changed to protect her identity) is just one of the many mothers who benefited from our comprehensive services thanks to the amazing generosity of our donors like you:   


After years of enduring all forms of domestic abuse,  where I lost myself, I was afraid to speak up and felt so insecure in my own so-called home,  I found the strength to leave one afternoon after the ex-partner left for work, my survival instinct was telling me something really bad was going to happen to me and my girls.  I remember being at the emergency shelter, when I applied for the Good Shepherd Shelter and two days later I received a phone call from sister Regina telling me she wanted to have an interview and explain what their program was about, and put emphasis that I would have time at the Shelter to practice being a single mom, take classes that would help me prepare for my future and, most importantly, I would have time to HEAL. That last word got stuck in my head and it gave me so much hope for me and my girls. HOPE that I was going to be able to start a new life and leave behind so much pain and suffering. 


When we arrived at the Shelter, I remember the peace I felt as I was walking inside, the friendly Case Manager was there to receive us, my girls were fascinated with the surroundings  and when we got to our apartment, I couldn’t control my tears anymore and I started crying.  After leaving everything behind we finally had a HOME, with everything  my family needed, a crib for my one- year-old, beds for me and my other little girl, and all the necessary things to start our new life.  


My healing journey had begun, and Good Shepherd held my hand every step of the way, for courts visits, therapy, counseling, parenting, life skills and many any other services that me or my girls desperately needed but couldn’t afford on our own. Case managers, teachers, staff and Sisters were always available to make sure my family had all the necessary resources we needed, and little by little I started to reclaim little pieces of me, I regained my self-esteem, I was able to make decisions, have my own voice, set up boundaries and learned to cope with all the difficulties I was facing. The time spent at Good Shepherd was life changing, and I’m forever grateful to every single staff member, teacher, Sister, volunteer, for putting a smile on my girls every day, for creating unforgettable moments and special occasions for us, for being there for us when nobody else was, for believing in me, and for their love, support, and dedication.  


At Good Shepherd Shelter, we don’t just change lives. We save them. The battered mothers and children we serve go from being another domestic violence victim statistic to being inspiring success stories! 

Thanks again for your generosity towards our families. You are a part of their lives too. We look forward to your continued support for helping more mothers like Audrey!